Why Graduate Studies at SFU?

Simon Fraser University offers an excellent environment for research and graduate studies. The institution is home to a variety of world-class research facilities, innovative programs, and world-renowned scholars.

More than 5,500 students are currently enrolled in graduate programs in our eight faculties, with approximately 30% international graduate students in attendance.

We invite you to learn more about why SFU is a world-class university and is the right school for your graduate studies.

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What our graduate students say

Erin Hogg

Doctoral graduate from the Department of Archaeology

Quote SFU has one of the best, and most diverse, archaeology departments in North America. I was particularly interested in its focus on Indigenous and community engaged archaeology. I completed my MA in the department and decided to continue my studies here for my PhD. Quote

Nathan Gock

PhD student in the Faculty of Health Sciences

Quote SFU offers many opportunities for career improvement and networking for young research scientists. I am particularly excited about being part of a group from SFU that will attend the International Student Research Forum in Odense, Denmark, to present on research in progress. International research forums such as this can be vital in opening up research collaborations as well as for networking with other researchers around the world, and I am grateful to SFU for affording us this opportunity. Quote

Jane Shin

Master's of Educational Technology & Learning Design student in the Faculty of Education

Quote Having completed my Provincial Instructor's Diploma at VCC, I knew SFU would be where I can get the local context, diverse perspectives from peers and professors, and the latest best practices informed by research. Quote

What our graduate students are researching

Brett Hodinka

'Programmed' mass loss in European starlings.

Mayra Donaji Barerra Machuca

Perceptual and cognitive limitations in virtual environments.

Abigail Vazquez

Effects of ethical capital on social enterprises.

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